Electric Motors

Electric motors are now, and always have been, our cup of tea. Founded in 1920, Gem State Electric is the oldest electric motor company in the state of Idaho!

Single phase, three phase, AC or DC, synchronous or induction – they all run on electricity but they all require a unique understanding in order to properly diagnose and repair them when they no longer run or sound the way they should.

With electric motor manufacturers buying and selling each other at a dizzying pace, you need a scorecard to stay on top of all of the market changes in the field. Or, you can simply rely on Gem State Electric to supply your needs.

We recommend the known quality and dependability of American made products, so we offer the full line of Baldor Electric motors. They are, quite simply, the best there is. But if your application doesn’t require the best you may not need to pay for the best. That is why we also carry North American brand electric motors. We also can supply most major brands of motors.

Our experience allows us to take you beyond the nameplate and give you a technical analysis of the ratings and quality features of the various brands; helping you select the electric motor that is best for you and your application.

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