A pump is a pump is a pump, right?

ABS Family (2)

Not at all! There are more types of pumps available to the consumer and industry than you can imagine.

So when you need a pump, come to Gem State Electric to find just what you need. We offer a wide variety of pumps for an even larger variety of applications.

We carry:

  • Submersible sewage pumps for residential, industrial or municipal applications
  • Centrifugal pumps for irrigation 
  • Small submersible deep-well pumps
  • Large process pumps for industry

We have them all. If we haven’t got it, we can find it!

Need a pump for your swamp cooler, no problem. Sump pump quit in the middle of the night? We’ve got you covered!


If it flows, or even oozes, we can help. We can find the best pump for your application.

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