Dynamic Balancing

All rotating equipment has a center of mass. When this point in space does not co-exist with the axis of rotation a vibration occurs. Depending on the speed and mass of the rotating object, the need for balancing may be anywhere from a good idea to an absolute necessity.

Analyzing the need for balancing is sometimes as important as the balancing itself. A small low speed machine may not need to be balanced, whereas a high speed machine, in many cases, should at least be analyzed to determine if an imbalance exists.

Our balance stand can handle pieces up to 5,000 lbs and approximately six feet in diameter. In cases where we receive the rotating piece that mounts on the shaft we will individually balance each component so as to eliminate the need for balancing if one of the pieces is replaced (a coupling for example). If we receive the key stock used in the final assembly, we can more accurately balance the system. Unless we are requested to do differently, we balance all equipment to a half-key standard.

If you don’t know about the half-key standard – we need to talk! It will help you maintain the best possible balance conditions once the machine is placed back in service!