On-Site Service

With over 40 years experience in on-site troubleshooting, Gem State Electric is able to provide some of the most technically proficient services available in the state of Idaho.

Gem State Electric offers a wide variety of on-site services. Among these are predictive and preventative maintenance services such as:

  • Precision laser shaft alignment
  • Infra-red thermography
  • Polarization index (PI) trending
  • Surge comparison testing
  • Megger testing

Each of these services can help to provide a snap-shot in time where the condition of an electric motor or other equipment can be analyzed. By adding the element of time, these services can be trended against a baseline reading to show the rate of decline in machine condition.

Other services include trouble shooting of:

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Drives
  • Generators
  • Controls

It is not always necessary, or wise, to remove a motor from the load. Often a problem can only be witnessed and/or duplicated under loaded conditions. Likewise, a problem that is thought to be a motor problem is often found to be the result of the load or power conditions that only exist on-site. Testing the motor or system under loaded conditions is often the fastest and most accurate way of determining the exact cause of a problem.

Although our normal service area is within the Treasure Valley, we have traveled from Rigby to Orofino to provide services to customers that couldn’t get the correct answers locally.