The old adage that “you can always make something cheaper, you can’t always make it less expensive” is as true for a motor winding as it is for anything else.

The average person does not realize the huge differences in workmanship and quality that goes into a motor winding. From the temperature ratings of the materials used to the quantity of materials and craftsmanship required to install and connect coils; a rewind can truly be a bargain at twice the price.

We have, for over ten years, standardized on inverter spike resistant wire rated at class H temperatures (180° C). Combined with the Nomex insulating properties of our cell paper and “top sticks”, the entire system involved in one of our rewinds is the best that money can buy. We then completely submerge then bake the winding in water-soluble varnish, forming a hard, spike resistant winding that can withstand the rigors of today’s Variable Frequency electronic drives.

Known as a “dieing art”, our hand wound stators are of the highest quality imaginable. You can trust your motor to our craftsmen and your motor will thank you for years to come.